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Latest News

I would like to invite everyone to my upcoming exhibit at Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento California. This will be a collection of silver gelatin prints summarizing my industrial work over the last 10 years. I'm excited to see the prints up on the gallery wall!
Look what I found on EBay! It is a wooden Kodak 2-D 8x10 inch film, view camera. These were manufactured from 1920-1950 and were a real workhorse for professional photographers of the day.

I recently got a chance to visit the Klotz Silk Mill in Lonaconing Maryland. Not only was this exciting for me because I love old machines, but I happen to live in a converted cotton mill so I got to see first hand what I imagine my building might have once looked like. Built in 1907 the mill's history shows first hand the evolution of labor in America; both the advantages, and ultimately fatal pitfalls, of a working American factory. It was closed in 1957 and has slowly been deteriorating ever since.

For the second year now I have been opening my studio doors during the F3 event. Having a deadline is a real motivator to get some new work printed in the darkroom, framed and ready to share with the public. The show had a big turnout this quarter, and I had a great time visiting with all the folks who stopped by.

It's quiet now, so quiet I can hear the snowflakes falling just past the metal crisscross of the broken out factory windows. I imagine the noise and frenzy that would have been all around when this plant was producing some of the finest cars in the world. America of the 20th century was an industrial country, we built things! Cars built here had a reputation of being the best built automobiles out there, and it was made possible by artisans applying fine craft like leather work and upholstery combined with state of the art machinery. At some point the art of making disappeared. I'm fascinated by this machine age, and wonder what these places were like when they were in full operation. What skills have been lost in our "progress"?
Friday night was the 3rd F3 gallery event held every couple months at the CottonMill Studios in Oakland California. Having a regularly scheduled event is a real motivation to get new work done and on the walls. I have been working steadily the last month on getting prints ready for the show, and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I showed 5 new silver gelatin 20x24 prints from my Portfolio II in addition to the Industria prints I showed last event. 

I'm really excited to have been picked as Artist of the Week over at It is always fun to try and explain why I need to photograph, and how I approach photography as my art form. Have a read and let me know what...

I will be showing some work on Friday October 15th at F3 in Oakland. I'll be offering a special edition print for the event as well as showing some prints from my Industria series. Come by and say hi and check out the local artists!...

My print "Metal Cone, Gladding McBean" has been accepted for the Gladding McBean exhibit at the Step Up Gallery at Viewpoint in Sacramento. Other artists in the show include Gordon Hutchings, Gene Kennedy, Mark Citret and others. The reception is Friday, February 12 and the...