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reactorassemblyAs 2013 comes to a close it’s the perfect time to look back over the year. Jim Goldstein does a blog project encouraging photographers to edit their top images for the year and post them, so here are my picks!
I finally put together my Kodak 8x10 and have been taking it out shooting. The woodwork and brass I decided to do a light "rejuvenation" to. I just didn't want to strip down the wood, too clean for my liking. I did make some modifications to allow a Packard shutter to be installed internally.
I love the Beseler 45 enlarger design. It is well built and easily found on the used market. The design is unique as it uses two columns for support rather than the more common single column. It is designed to attach to a metal table called an Adjust-Table,
Look what I found on EBay! It is a wooden Kodak 2-D 8x10 inch film, view camera. These were manufactured from 1920-1950 and were a real workhorse for professional photographers of the day.
Sandstone_Perfection1280 Words can really not describe this wonderful patch of sandstone in northern Arizona known as The Wave. The cross-bedded sandstone has created a photographer’s paradise of undulating ripples of perfectly formed lines.
Fire of CerberusI like making photographs of rocks! It never ceases to amaze me how erosion can create such incredible shapes. To some it seems like an odd subject, but often the search is the best part of the adventure.