It’s quiet now, so quiet I can hear the snowflakes falling just past the metal crisscross of the broken out factory windows. I imagine the noise and frenzy that would have been all around when this plant was producing some of the finest cars in the world. America of the 20th century was an industrial country, we built things! Cars built here had a reputation of being the best built automobiles out there, and it was made possible by artisans applying fine craft like leather work and upholstery combined with state of the art machinery. At some point the art of making disappeared. I’m fascinated by this machine age, and wonder what these places were like when they were in full operation. What skills have been lost in our “progress”?Shooting film in a location like this just makes sense. It’s also the best choice for making large, silver gelatin prints. I love making things, and that extends to my photography. My ultimate goal is to handcraft a print to put up on the wall. I’m imagining what will make for a wonderful print; gritty textures, repeating lines and patterns, graphical elements that I would choose if I was drawing the image rather than photographing it.