As the days get shorter and the temperature drops nature knows that winter will soon be here. Trees change color and unexpected weather can bring a sudden snow storm along with some great looking clouds.

I’m often asked what inspires me to make photographs, fall is certainly high on the list. Here in the west wonderful fall scenes never fail to inspire me. Grand vistas with huge swaths of evergreen punctuated with lines of golden aspen is awe inspiring. Walking under a golden canopy just after sunset the trees seem to glow with a magic intensity that both invigorates and calms at the same time. Walking down a dirt road after sunset a large buck and two does wander in front of me, pause, and then dart into the woods. All of these scenes stimulate me to create art, to try and use these experiences to create a final print that might convey some of those emotions.

First on the list of my must see fall locations is Colorado. Right now is prime “leaf peeping” time in Colorado. This year the trees changed a little early, but will continue to be impressive through the second week of October. Here are a couple sites I like to look at to inspire a trip:


Nature Photographers

Crested Butte

Telluride Webcam