Look what I found on EBay! It is a wooden Kodak 2-D 8×10 inch film, view camera. These were manufactured from 1920-1950 and were a real workhorse for professional photographers of the day. It looked like a lost puppy looking for a good home. I figured it would be a fun winter project to get this piece of photographic history back in working shape. The cost to ship it to me was almost as much as the price for the camera itself.

I received the camera and did an inventory of what is missing:

  • Top Leather Handle
  • One knurled brass knob
  • Spring loaded ground glass holder for the back (I only have the base part)
  • Sliding tripod block
  • The bellows is there but beyond repair.

This is actually pretty good. The wood is structurally in great shape and the fact that all the brass parts are here makes the restoration job much easier. Now I need to see if I can find a back and sliding tripod block for it. I already know where I can order a new bellows.