I always loved photography, but got even more into it when I realized it was a “practice”, an excuse to explore the world around me. The end goal of making photos was important to motivate me to continue the practice. As I get older fitness is on my mind, I don’t want lack of fitness to limit my ability to explore! So I’ve created my own health routine, and brought it together on this page for my reference.


The best photos are off the beaten track! So hiking is a must. Chase Mountains on YouTube seems very chill, and his approach aligns well with my own beliefs about fitness. Definitely check out his channel for all sorts of hiking information.


Knee and Ankle Maintenance

Knee pain is something I have suffered with. In thinking back I never really focused on specifically improving knee strength, so there is no wonder that I would have pain. Knees Over Toes Guy https://kneesovertoesguy.medium.com/ has dedicated years to studying this area. I’m just starting doing some of his programs, but just his name reminds me to always be aware of how common medical advice (don’t bring your knees past your toes) can often be so very wrong.


Yoga is so important for mind and body. In the past I really enjoyed going to a group yoga session, but these days I just keep it simple. Here is one of the better guided videos I’ve found.

Health Advice

There is so much misinformation out on the Internet, but quite honestly there are also a lot of doctors that don’t know anything about the latest health advances. So I think it’s important to do one’s own research, test to see what works for you, and decide who you think is worth being listened to. Recently I was introduced to Dr Mirkin and think he is someone that is worth listening to.


Motivational speakers in general are a big turnoff, especially those trying to sell something. But sometimes at 5am in the cold dark you need someone that is just jacked with energy, David Goggins to the rescue!