Print of the Month

Each month I review my latest negatives and spend some time in the darkroom producing a print of the month. Members of the “POM” club receive notice of my latest images, and a reduced price for supporting my love of traditional photography.

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Join the club today by buying this month’s POM. Your print will ship out before the end of the month.

You also will be emailed when the next print is available for purchase.



At the beginning of each month you will receive an email announcing the print of the month along with a link to purchase the print. The deadline for accepting orders will be around the 15th, and the prints will ship out by the end of the month. To be alerted when a new POM is available join my POM mailing list.

At the end of the year members who purchased all 12 prints will receive a special handmade portfolio box and front cover sheet to complete the portfolio.

For those that love real silver gelatin photographs this is a great way to expand your collection!


What is the Print of the Month?

A specially priced 8×10 silver gelatin  photograph.

What is the Price?

For one month I offer an 8×10 photograph (regularly $295) at the discounted price of $149. This includes shipping in the USA. International shipping is extra.

How often do you run this special?

It starts in January and ends in December, I choose a new photograph, one for every month of the calendar year.

What is a Print of the Month Portfolio?

A collection of 12 photographs from the calendar year, housed in a handmade Portfolio Box with a custom-made cover sheet.

How can I purchase a Portfolio Box?

Portfolio Boxes can be purchased after all 12 photographs are collected. They are only offered to members of the Print of the Month Club.

Are these photographs in a limited edition?

Yes, these are limited edition and each is mounted, signed and numbered.